Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ashlynn is finally smiling at us! She has always smiled in her sleep, but is just starting to think her parents are funny. We love it! She is now 5 weeks old and seems so big to me! She has become a lot more wiggly and is turning on her side, but not all the way. I think its a good start. She loves having tummy time and is starting to hole her head up better. Mason is dying for her to get bigger, but I am loving her now! We are going to AZ next week to show her of to all our family and friends! She is probably going to leave their with more little boyfriends! :) Mason doesn't like it when I say that she has lots of boyfriends. He already gets that worry/protective look in his eyes. I know I have just been blogging about Ashlynn, but that is all that is new. We haven't done much since she was born. My sister did have a baby girl last week! My other sister had a girl in june, so their are 3 little girl cousins about the same age! We hope they will end up friends!

Do I look crazy?
I'm just hanging
My 1st church outfit!
My favorite face to make.
Look how tiny I am in daddy's arms!
I love when daddy plays with me!


  1. wait a tick... are you going to be here when atrena is down???? are you going to come to kat's tuesday night??? that would be so awesome if EVERY mamma could be there!

    ashlynn is adorable. good work.

  2. Aww Mindy she is seriously beautiful! She is getting so big already!
    Smiling and rolling on her side....she's gonna be walking before you know it! haha Hurry up and get back to the Burg so we can see her! And you guys of course! We miss you guys!

  3. She is so cute! We can't wait for you three to get back to Rexburg!

  4. Ok, it's been a month, Mindy! I need some more updates! How are you doing?!?