Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York!!

We had a blast in New York! We went with some of our friends about 4 weeks ago. I have been meaning to post for awhile, but I have been distracted. At New York we saw a lot of things! We sat at central park and watched people, and we went to the musuem of natural art, we walked broadway. For dinner we went to Planet Holleywood, it was my first time eating their. The food wasn't bad, but I wouldn't recomend it. I have several others trips that i will have to post about later!

Empire state building from on top of the rock!
Broadway at night!

Dinasour at one of the musuem!

Some random statue.

Mason and me in front of the statue of liberty!

This is us on the subway!

1 comment:

  1. i still have yet to visit new york. looks amazing.

    look at you traveling and seeing the world right before that baby comes.

    which by the way... when are you due again???